December 16, 2020

While many heating system problems do require professional intervention to resolve, some can be troubleshot by the home or business owner. For those interested in DIY troubleshooting, follow along. The following tips can help just about anyone to have a good chance at effectively troubleshooting their heating system.

System Won’t Turn Off

If your heating system won’t shut off, there are generally two possibilities for this. One is a problem with the thermostat. The other is a problem with the system’s blower.

First, shut down all power to the system and check that your thermostat is wired correctly per its wiring contact labels or owner’s manual. If this checks out, you’ll want to check the system’s blower next. Check that this is also wired correctly. If the connections at both the blower and thermostat are not to blame, then it’s likely that either the blower or thermostat itself is bad and will need to be replaced.

Heating System Won’t Light or Stay Lit

Most modern systems utilize an electronic ignition for initial lighting. In many cases, failure to light or stay lit in these units is caused by dirty ignition sensors. These sensors are made to sense if gas is flowing to the pilot light and can be cleaned. If cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, they will likely need to be replaced.

Burning Smells

It’s normal for a heating system to momentarily produce a burning smell when it first turns on as it burns off small dust particles that have settled in it. However, continued burning smells can be a sign of true and potentially dangerous problems. If you are experiencing continued burning smells, try replacing the system filter with a new clean one and cleaning any dust or dirt that has accumulated inside of the system. Be sure to turn the system’s power off first, though. If cleaning and filter replacement doesn’t work, a call to your local HVAC experts is highly recommended.

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