October 18, 2023
Furnace blower repair in Warrenton, VA

The blower is one of the most important parts of a furnace. As the name suggests, the blower’s primary purpose is to blow hot air through the ducts throughout your home. Like other parts of the furnace, the blower can malfunction and stop working for one reason or another. Learn about four causes that can make a furnace blower stop working today.

1. Power Problems

A problem with your furnace’s power is among the main causes that can make the system stop working. Lack of electricity or insufficient voltage can prevent the furnace from turning on. As a result, it will stop the blower from functioning. Ensure your power source is functional before plugging in your furnace.

2. Compromised Capacitor

The capacitor in a furnace stores electrical charge before releasing it to the blower motor to make it rotate. Therefore, a damaged capacitor that cannot store charge will make the furnace blower stop working. Repairing or replacing the capacitor can restore the blower’s functioning.

3. Damaged Control Board

A furnace’s control board is essential for regulating the supply of power to all parts of the heating system. That said, a damaged control board that cannot regulate the power supply will prevent the blower from working. Again, an expert can fix the control board to restore power regulation and make the furnace blower work.

4. Moisture Damage

The blower should not come into contact with moisture. If this happens, it will stop working, forcing you to get a repair or replacement. Moisture damage can be the work of a leaky ceiling, excess humidity, and a poorly installed coil. Preventing moisture damage is key to keeping the furnace blower functional.

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