June 6, 2023
AC Maintenance in Warrenton, VA

Caring for the air conditioner in your Warrenton, Virginia, home is an ongoing and multi-pronged job. The good news is that you don’t have to handle it on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t. All air conditioners require annual maintenance from a licensed HVAC company. Read on to find out what you can and cannot do by yourself when it comes to AC service.

Air Filter Changes and Condenser Clean-up

To keep your AC running smoothly, you should change its air filter at least once every 30 to 90 days. HVAC air filters should be inspected monthly and swapped out before they’re heavily coated in debris. When checking this component, you should also inspect the air registers, vents, and grilles throughout your home. If these features are covered in grime, wipe them down or vacuum behind them as needed.

At the exterior of the building, all grass, trees, shrubs, and weeds should be trimmed around the outdoor AC condenser. This unit should always have a minimum of 2 feet of clearance on every side. During spring, you should make sure that fast-growing foliage isn’t causing airflow issues at the condenser at least once each month.

Annual Performance Tune-ups

AC performance tune-ups are essential for maintaining the protections provided by your manufacturer warranty, your home insurance plan, and your home service agreement. All warranties and insurance policies are mutually binding agreements. Just as insurers and warranty issuers agree to pay for covered repairs, you agree to make all reasonable efforts to prevent claims-related events. In the instance of air conditioners, most companies require annual AC service from licensed professionals. Failing to schedule this service could leave you paying for otherwise covered repairs out of your own pocket.

Why Servicing Your Own AC Can Void Warranty Protections

As per most manufacturer warranties, consumers should never touch an air conditioner’s internal moving components. For instance, even simply taking the fan cover off of your air conditioner’s blower motor can instantly void your manufacturer warranty. During annual AC maintenance, HVAC technicians clean condenser and evaporator coils, replace damaged and worn components, and address many aspects of residential cooling systems that aren’t easily accessed by consumers. Hiring a professional to do this work is the only sure way to remain compliant and avoid costly missteps.

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