January 11, 2022
Furnace Cleaning in Warrenton, VA

You should always ensure that your furnace or heat pump is clean before the heating season begins. You can also clean it every six months to ensure peak performance and enhance its longevity. Above all, cleaning your furnace will help you catch issues early on to prevent costly repair or replacement bills. The air conditioning and heating technicians at Ideal HVAC Services have prepared this guide to show you how to clean your heating system.

Cut the Power and Gas Supply

Before cleaning your heating unit, it is advisable to cut the power and gas supply. Locate the switch plate near the burner and flip it off. From there, you should find the gas valve near the gas line or the oil tank. Now, find the access panel and unscrew it to access the furnace filter. Some models have an access door.

Clean or Replace Your Filter

Pull the filter out of its racks to inspect it for dirt and dust. If it is dirty, you should use mild soap, tap water, and a brush to clean it. Remember to let it dry completely. If your furnace has a disposable filter, you must purchase a replacement.

Inspect the Blower Assembly

You can find the blower assembly by unscrewing the front panel or opening the access door. Once you unscrew it from the support hinges, you should remove the fan. Remember to take pictures of the connection or label each wire to save time when reattaching the wires. Use water, a brush, a vacuum, and mild soap to clean the blades.

Check the Heat Exchanger Chamber

The heat exchanger distributes heat from the furnace to all the rooms in your home. Dirt and dust buildup can hinder its performance. So, use a damp cloth to remove the dirt and dust buildup from the heat exchanger. You can also use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean all the chambers.

Test the Furnace

The final step to cleaning your furnace is to check its operation. Of course, you’ll need to turn the gas and electricity back on to do this. When the heating system is running, listen carefully for strange sounds and pay attention to any odors that may require attention from a professional technician.

Contact Professional Air Conditioning and Heating Technicians

Before cleaning your furnace, it would be best to schedule professional maintenance. The air conditioning and heating technicians at Ideal HVAC Services have over 40 years of experience serving Warrenton and the surrounding area, and we are ready to keep your home cozy and warm. Our team offers heating and cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance, as well as indoor air quality solutions. Call us today to learn more.

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