January 19, 2023
Home Humidifier working in Warrenton, VA.

Cold air has a low moisture-holding capacity, the leading cause of low humidity in winter. The presence of cold air in a room reduces water vapor levels, causing headaches and dry lips. A humidifier has an absorbent pad soaked in a stabilizing solution that converts water into vapor. The generated vapor is then distributed into your room to increase humidity levels. The following are telltale signs you need a humidifier.

Dry Skin and Scalp

If everyone in your home complains of an itchy scalp and dry skin, it signifies low indoor moisture. These conditions are mostly caused by dry and thick air, which often increases dehydration levels. Although a lip balm or lotion could alleviate these issues, it’s only a short-term solution. The most reliable, long-term solution is to get a whole-home humidifier.

Faster Spread of Diseases

When your home’s relative humidity levels fall below the recommended levels of 40% to 60%, your home becomes the hub for breeding viruses and bacteria. The lack of enough moisture in the air supports the faster spread of harmful microbes. Therefore, more people will get infected when there is an airborne disease outbreak.

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More Heating Energy Bills

Air lacking the recommended moisture amount can’t hold heat for long. That’s why it feels pretty cold when you power off the furnace during winter. It also explains why many homes with low humidity levels run the heating systems for hours nonstop. While the furnace may regulate heat levels and make indoors warm, running it for long hours will cost you more energy bills.

If you notice these signs, get a whole-house humidifier installed by a qualified and licensed technician at Ideal HVAC Services. Besides indoor air quality, we offer heating and cooling installation, repair, and replacement services. You can also trust us with all your preventative maintenance and ductwork services.

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