February 18, 2021
HVAC Maintenance

The Warrenton, VA, area experiences a wide range of weather. You might need your heating system on during a chilly autumn night, and a heatwave might necessitate the use of the air conditioning just a few days later. It’s important to have your home’s heating and cooling system ready for whatever nature has in store. Maintaining your HVAC system is the best way to ensure that it will keep your home comfortable. Use these tips to schedule the frequency and timing of heating and air conditioning maintenance.

Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

Warrenton’s hot and humid summers give your central air conditioning system a workout. We recommend an annual AC tune-up. Schedule this visit in the springtime. During this maintenance visit, our certified technicians measure the refrigerant level, clean and lubricate all moving parts and change the air filter.

Plan Annual Heating System Maintenance

Winters in Warrenton tend to be chilly and wet, and occasional nor’easters aren’t out of the question. Your home’s furnace, boiler, or electric resistance heating system needs an annual maintenance visit. We recommend planning this visit during the mid-autumn season. Our heating system maintenance includes checking the ignition or pilot, cleaning the burners and sensors, checking the combustion chamber and flue, and inspecting the heat exchanger.

Arrange Semi-Annual Heat Pump Maintenance

Warrenton’s mild climate makes it a good location for using a heat pump for home comfort. Heat pumps transfer heat into or out of your home. Because they offer both heating and cooling functions, they’re in use year-round. You’ll need to schedule two heat pump maintenance visits each year. Schedule one in the springtime in order to prepare the system for the cooling season and the other in the autumn for the heating season.

Ideal HVAC Services is the go-to source of heating and cooling maintenance in Warrenton. Homeowners also count on us for heating and air conditioning repair and installation, indoor air quality services, and ductless mini-splits. For additional tips on how often you need to get HVAC maintenance, get in touch with us at Ideal HVAC Services.

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