May 16, 2022
HVAC Systems in Warrenton, VA

As your air conditioning system works to absorb the heat and humidity from the air inside of your home, it must drain that excess moisture somewhere. This is what your AC condensate drain is for. Moisture removed from the air travels through the condensate drain and out to the exterior of your house or to another internal drain in your residence. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for this drain to get clogged from time to time.

What Causes a Clog?

The drain line for your AC system is typically enclosed and considered a wet space. This makes it a perfect location for mildew and mold to grow. Additionally, bugs, dirt, and other debris can attach to the moisture at your drain. As the debris starts to build up at your drain, it only takes a small amount of time for a partial clog to turn into a complete clog. When your drain is completely clogged, you’ll notice that water will start to back up around the unit.

Unclogging Your Drain

Before you start the process of unclogging your AC drain, you want to first turn off your air conditioning system at the breaker. For most homes, your condensate drain will be located outside by your condenser unit. It consists of a PVC pipe that has a plastic cap on it. Remove the cap by hand and visually inspect the drain for any debris or blockage. You may need a flashlight to completely see the drain.

Next, pour about one cup of distilled white vinegar down your drain. This will help to remove stuck-on debris and hard water scaling. You’ll want to give the vinegar about 30 minutes to completely dissolve the debris before turning your AC system back on. If vinegar doesn’t get the job done, you’ll want to purchase an over-the-counter condensate drain cleaning solution from your local hardware store. Avoid the temptation to pour bleach or other household cleaning solutions down your drain, as that could lead to damage.

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