July 17, 2023
AC Repair in Warrenton, VA

Sometimes a summer day can seem unbearable, especially if your AC isn’t cooling off your house. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to diagnose and fix some of the usual AC issues. Learn the most common AC problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Check the Thermostat

Before pulling your hair out over what seems to be a broken AC unit, make sure it’s not just a dead battery in your thermostat. Check the screen and settings to ensure it’s calling for cool air, and replace the batteries if necessary. Sometimes this quick fix is all you need to get cool air flowing again.

Check the Filter

If your AC seems to be running without producing much cool air, it may be due to a clogged filter. Dust and debris build up over time, and if a dirty filter is ignored, the system will strain to draw air through it, which will decrease its effectiveness. To fix this, turn off the system, locate and remove the filter, and clean or replace it if necessary.

Check the Ductwork

Sometimes the cause of the problem is not the AC unit itself but a lack of airflow caused by blockages or damage in your home’s ductwork. Look at each duct register and ensure it’s open and unobstructed. Loosely join any separated duct sections and seal holes or gaps with foil tape. This can greatly improve the AC’s performance.

Call an HVAC Professional

Ultimately, if you have tried all these measures and still have not seen an improvement, it’s time to call on the professionals. Air conditioner repair technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix AC problems quickly. Our team at Ideal HVAC Services offers high-quality heating and cooling services throughout Warrenton, VA.

Knowing these tips will save you time and money while ensuring your house is comfortable for you and your family. Whether it’s just a dead thermostat battery, a dusty filter, obstructed ductwork, or something more serious, identifying a problem in the early stages can save you a hefty bill later. In dealing with AC issues, always take proper precautions and don’t hesitate to ask for professional help when needed.

At Ideal HVAC Services, we are committed to delivering reliable HVAC services to our neighbors in Warrenton, VA. Contact us today for assistance with any HVAC repair, installation, or replacement.

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