March 16, 2021
Furnace Replacement in Warrenton, VA

Winter nights in Warrenton, VA, can get cold, so you’ll need your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable. Gas furnaces offer efficient heating, especially when the air temperature drops below freezing. If you notice the odor of natural gas when standing by your furnace, it’s important to know when it is and isn’t normal.

Initiation of a Heating Cycle

When the thermostat initiates a heating cycle, the gas supply valve opens and releases gas. The gas suppliers are required by law to add mercaptan to natural gas. Mercaptan is what makes the strong smell. It takes the ignition or pilot a fraction of a second to ignite the gas. If you happen to be standing next to the furnace when the heating cycle starts, you might get the faint odor of gas before the burner kicks on. This odor is normal, and it should go away after a couple of seconds.

Persistent Gas Odor From the Furnace

It’s not normal to smell a persistent gas odor from your furnace. If you still smell the strong odor a minute after the heating cycle started, your furnace may have a problem. There could be an issue with the pilot, ignition, supply valve, burner, heat exchanger, combustion chamber seal, or flue. You need a skilled technician to take a look.

Strong Gas Odor

Your home should never have a strong gas odor. If you can smell gas from several feet away from the furnace or from a different room, evacuate everyone from your home. Once you’ve exited, call for emergency furnace repairs and gas leak detection services.

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