February 15, 2022
Uneven Heating Solutions in Warrenton, VA

Uneven home heating is a common problem. The imbalance in your home’s temperature may be a result of different factors. Most commonly, it is the result of your home’s structure. Heat rises, so you’ll find that parts of your home are warmer than others. Seek the help of a professional HVAC service provider to identify and fix annoying heating issues.

Simple Things You Can Do

When you call a professional HVAC service provider, some of the first things they’ll recommend for uneven home heating is a review of your vents, air filter, radiator, and home insulation. An air filter in need of replacement means there may be a block in airflow. Less airflow means less heat reaching the room. For homes with a radiator, one that is cold to the touch may mean that there’s an air pocket and that the radiator needs to be bled. Lastly, drafts in the home mean heat loss, so sealing them will help with retaining heat in the home.

Additional HVAC Service Solutions

Other solutions that a professional HVAC service provider may recommend include a ductwork inspection to check for leaks and loose connections. However, sometimes the issue has to do with the HVAC system itself. The HVAC system may need to be replaced because it is the incorrect size for the home, or it may be getting old. Your HVAC service technician can recommend one that’s the right size for your home and replace the HVAC system so that it operates efficiently and brings down your utility bills.

Lastly, zoning systems may also be a solution. Introducing different zones in the home means that you have different thermostat controls for different areas of the home. This is a great way to even out your home’s temperatures.

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