October 20, 2022
Furnace Repair in Warrenton, VA

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your heating costs, you may be looking into the concept of installing a waste oil furnace. With a waste oil furnace, you can use old oil to heat your home or business. Many people view this as a budget-friendly option since you can recycle oil. It also eliminates the need to dispose of used oil, which can be harmful to the environment. Keep reading to learn the answers to some commonly asked questions about using waste oil in your furnace.

1. What Types of Waste Oil Can You Use in Your Furnace?

The types of oil that you can use to heat your home will depend on the furnace. The most popular oil to use in waste oil furnaces is used motor oil. However, some models accept hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, other synthetic liquids, or an approved mix. Consider contacting a professional, such as those at Ideal HVAC Services, to ensure you’re using the right type of oil in your furnace.

2. Is Using Waste Oil Good for the Environment?

Waste oil heaters and furnaces are often advertised as more environmentally friendly because they burn oil that would otherwise get dumped in the ocean, in a landfill, or in another natural area. However, some waste oil furnaces could end up putting pollutants into the air. It’s important to talk to an HVAC professional to understand this type of furnace and its potential impact.

3. Is Waste Oil Free Heat?

Waste oil furnaces are common for businesses because they seem to generate free heat. If you can avoid having to purchase oil, that means it’s free, right? The first thing to consider is the cost of a furnace that accepts waste oil. They can be more expensive upfront, though they may offer long-term savings. You also need to have enough waste oil available. So, while you can save money, it’s important to consider upfront costs and the long-term costs of fuel and maintenance.

There are potential advantages and disadvantages to consider with a waste oil furnace. A trusted company like Ideal HVAC Services in Warrenton, VA can help you explore what options might be best for your home or business. Our team offers a full range of heating and cooling services, as well as indoor air quality solutions. Call us today for more information.

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