April 5, 2021
Air Conditioners

Your air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment for summers in Warrenton. The midday heat can be too much, so it only makes sense to turn on your cooling system to get through the day. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial because it protects the HVAC system from underperforming or malfunctioning. You might occasionally notice problems with the cooling system, like loud or weird noises. If that happens, here are a few explanations for the strange or loud AC noises.

Completely Dislodged Parts

Loud noises like banging from an air conditioner are often a sign of dislodged parts. For instance, your air conditioner’s fan can strew around fallen bolts or nuts, causing loud noises. The sound originates from the detached part’s impact as it hits the blades of the AC’s fan.

Loose Parts

Your air conditioner could be making buzzing or humming sounds due to loose parts like screws, nuts, and bolts. It’s crucial to hire a professional to tighten the parts immediately to prevent the elements from detaching completely. A loose panel encourages more contaminants into the AC, causing a faster accumulation of debris and dust. Note that dirt accumulation is a leading cause of inefficient air conditioners. Also, the contaminants can mix with air in your home, affecting your indoor air quality.

Airflow Problems

A whistling or whining noise could be a sign of airflow issues. These problems are more prevalent in older air conditioners that are manufactured piece by piece. For instance, you might’ve attached your air conditioner to older ductwork. The components might fail to work together over time, causing strange noises. Whistling sounds are expected when the ductwork is too small for the air conditioner, and the noises originate from the high air volume that the cooling system pushes through the ductwork.

At Ideal HVAC Services, we have qualified AC technicians who can fix your cooling system if you experience strange sounds. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring that your air conditioner functions effectively. Our team is highly experienced with UV lights, humidifiers, air scrubbers, mini-split systems, and ductwork. Call Ideal HVAC Services today to schedule an appointment with us in Warrenton.

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